Mission Statement

The mission of the Industrial Sand Producers of Texas is to represent the importance of industrial sand mining to local and state economies; advance industry best practices; and ensure a safe and vibrant Texas industrial sand industry through the promotion of effective, science-based policies and regulations that encourage innovation, job creation and responsible environmental stewardship.

Points of Emphasis

Safety: The safety of our workers is our utmost priority. Sand mining can be a hazardous occupation, which is why proper training is a priority for all our member companies. When it comes to safety, there is no competition between individual members. We encourage the sharing of best practices and hold fellow members accountable if safety issues arise.

Infrastructure: A robust infrastructure is not only vital for the success of the sand mining industry, but also the markets and industries served by sand miners. From the substructures necessary to produce our products to the roads we share with the public to transport sand to our customers, a strong, sound and safely constructed infrastructure is essential.

Government and Public Affairs: ISPOT is committed to having a line of communication open with our customers, the local community and public officials. By providing tours of facilities, giving presentations, and having discussions with interested parties, we hope to help educate the public and policy leaders on the benefits of industrial sand mining to the state of Texas.

Environmental: Industrial sand mining can be done in an environmentally responsible manner. From the water we use to the reclamation of our land once mining is complete, all ISPOT members operate with all stakeholders of the land, including the land itself, in mind.